What are the difference between Mylar flakes and HONA's flakes

There was a time where mylar flakes were everywhere and they were so on trend that it seemed like everyone had them on your nails. Fast forward a few years and while mylar flakes still are used flakes have definitely moved on in terms of the way they look as well as how to apply them. Read below to find out the differences between HONA flakes and Mylar flakes

What are mylar flakes?

Simply put mylar flakes (also called mylar shards) are small, hard pieces of plastic. They can be coloured, iridescent or see-through. You need to encapsulated them in hard gel, or encapsulated in clear acrylic.

What are HONA flakes?

HONA's flakes are very similar but are super soft and 'melt' into any tacky layer. Again these flakes are made of plastic but they are manufactured in such a way that they are extremely thin and soft which allow them to be manipulated far more easily than mylar flakes.

Which are flakes are better?

Firstly there is never a 'best' - it all depends on many factors - budget, the style you want to achieve, skill level, time to apply etc... For example mylar flakes/shards are cheaper to buy than HONA flakes however they are not as easy to use.