Get ready for summer with this inspiring blooming gel tutorial by the talented @Bydamonevans. In this tutorial, Damon shares all his tips and tricks for the perfect blooming gel nail set, featuring bright, bold colours ready for summertime. Damon's tutorial not only teaches you the artistry behind creating your own blooming look but also gives you a range of styles to try out and explore.

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What you'll need: 

Song bird
Complete base

First look

Second look
Sunset ridge

Lychee blush juicy gel

Croc print

Video transcript 

Hey, my name is Damon and today we are going to look into some bloom and gel tutorials. So to start off, I'm taking hona complete base base coat as my blooming gel, it literally works the exact same and putting a nice thin layer over the hole now and then we're going to take my hona mixing palate and put on some colours that I want to use today. I'm going for some greens and blues, but you can choose whatever colour you want this sort of looks.

Once you're happy with the colours you've chosen, you're going to take your home mix and spatula and just give them a little pre marble on the palate.

Then take in my ombre brush, I'm going to scoop up some of the colour trying to collect all of them as I'm going through and then just drop them that on to the now I want to start my marble. You do want to work fairly quick when you're doing this. But as a blue mage, I will start moving the gel pretty much instantly. So just try and get the gel on as quick as you can. And then I'm going to take a liner brush and just go round and just fill in any of the blank spaces that I missed when I was putting the gel on. And then once you've secured on top coat, that is the first step done, it's really simple to get a really effective marble using the blue imager, and you can do it with what other colours you want. But now we're going to do a pink version. But this time what we're gonna do more of an unbraid look. Again, putting the colours you want to use on your mixing palette and then given them a little swirl, and then put in your complete base all over the now nice and evenly.
You can see I'm sort of just wiggling my brush up about halfway.

And then once I've got all the channels that I want, I will take a little lighter brush any areas that I think it could do a bit more colour. Once you're happy with it, let it bloom for a few seconds and cure it. Bloom and Joe is a really super easy way of just getting some quick marble look for your clients. Now we're gonna do a little blooming gel flower but can we first talk about how cute this little mix and palate ringers, I'm now taking some of hona juicy gel and some of hers normal gel and then putting five dots of the juicy gel into a layer of complete bass and watching it bloom forming.

Once you've done that, you want to Let it cure and then you want to put another layer of complete base all the way over and then do the exact same process. Again, I wouldn't say you have to rush when you do this, but the blooming gel will start moving as soon as you put the dots on. So just try and get on as quick as you can.

This is a really easy way to do some nice flowers using the complete bass. But you don't have to do too much intricate Nail Art. You could do these and all sort of contrasting colours, you can put them all over the nail and they were super quick too. So I'm going to now show you how to do some crock French this is super popular with the nail industry at the moment and to be fair, does it really affective so I can see why. Just starting out with just a normal French you want to try and pick two colours that are quite contrasting so it shows up the print. And then just applying the complete base just to the tip where you applied the French

Without curing you're gonna take a little liner brush and some of the lighter colour and just do some dots down the middle down each side. Watch them bloom for a few seconds and then get it in the lamp to cure. You want to try and work quite quick when you do this because as soon as you put the second colour on, it will start to expand and move. So just try and do it as quick as you can without rushing.

Once you're happy with it, you want to get it in the lamp and cure and top coat and you're done. This looks really effective. You can do it in loads of different colours. You can also do it as a full cover now, I've hope you've enjoyed the video today. If there's any questions, please feel free to hit me up on my Instagram. And I will see in the next video. Bye

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