Nail Tech Spotlight With Maisie Jackson

Nail Tech Spotlight With Maisie Jackson @maisiejacksonbeauty

This month, we're celebrating the talented Maisie from @Maisiejacksonbeauty. Join us as we delve into Maisie's work, celebrating her portfolio of amazing designs and stunning details. We will also be paying homage to Maisie's amazing chrome masterclass at Rodeo Nights event in May.  

1. Vines 

This vine detail set by Maisie highlights her eye for detail and intricate designs! Are you feeling inspired by this beautiful spring time set?

All you'll need is: 

2. Blue Details  

This beautiful blue detail set is perfect for a fresh summer look that will leave you feeling anything but blue! Want to create your own version?

All you'll need is: 

 3. Cherries

Everyone loves a cherry moment and this set by @maisiejacksonbeauty perfectly captures the trend with heart shaped cherry details! Want to have your own cherry moment?

You'll need: 

4. Hibiscus nails

Hibiscus nails are a summer favourite this year and in this colour combo we cant help but love it! This detailed set by Maisie is perfect for your next holiday or a change from your usual french set! Feeling creative?

All you need to recreate it is: 


Chrome Masterclass at Rodeo nights 

We had the pleasure of a live demo from the amazing Maisie at our recent Rodeo Nights Event in May! Maisie talked all things chrome sharing all of her trips and tricks for isolated and full coverage looks. Check out some of the highlights here:


Q&A with Maisie 

Q: What is your most memorable moment from one of the HONA events you’ve attended?

A: Both events have been absolutely incredible, always the best time with everyone. But the most memorable moment has to be doing a live demonstration at the Rodeo Nights Event. Never in a million years would I have thought that I could actually speak in front of a room of talented inspiring nail techs. It was one of the most terrifying experiences, but once I looked into the audience to see everyone’s supportive smiley faces I relaxed into it. The support and love I received from that will stay with me forever. Thank you HONA for giving me this experience

Q: If you could hop into a time machine and give your newbie nail tech self one piece of advice, what would it be?

A: Looking back on my first couple of years, my biggest advice would be to acknowledge and be PROUD of every small win - whether that be nailing a French manicure or even just doing a set of nails which you feel proud of. I feel like it is so easy to constantly strive for the next milestone and achievement, and it’s so important to just take a moment and see how far you’ve come.

Q: What is your favourite HONA product and why?

A: Every HONA chrome obvs. I’m OBSESSED with the clear chrome over any builder gel. (p.s. pout and clear chrome is my fave combo)

Q: Name 3 of your favourite nail art designs for summer!

A: Always a sucker for a floral moment, especially hibiscus flowers. You can’t go wrong with a pastel French in my eyes. And lastly a cheeky evil eye is always a must in summer. 

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