Pride Nails Inspiration and trends

June is here, and it's bursting with colour—it's Pride Month! It's that fabulous time of the year when we embrace love, diversity, and self-expression. What better way to show your pride than with a stunning array of rainbow-inspired nail art? Whether you're marching in a parade, attending a festival, or just showing your support, let your nails do the talking. From the boldest rainbows to subtle nods to the Pride flag, we've rounded up the latest trends and inspirations to ensure your fingertips are as spirited as your Pride. Get ready to paint the town in every colour of the rainbow with these dazzling designs!

1. Rainbow 


2. Rainbow French 


3. Half Heart Rainbows  


4. Swirls Swirls Swirls 


5. Ombre Moment 


6. Neon Pigments 


7. French with a sparkle shimmer 


8. All the brights  


9. Ombre Tips  


Happy Pride Month all XX