Bridgerton Nail Art Inspiration & Trends

Step into the lavish world of "Bridgerton" with our latest nail trend blog, where romance meets regency, and every detail speaks sophistication. This series has not only captured hearts with its enthralling plots and stunning period costumes but has also set the stage for a new wave of fashion trends, extending all the way to the tips of your fingers. From luxurious pastels to intricate lace patterns and opulent jewel tones, the "Bridgerton" aesthetic is making its mark on nail art. 

1. Regency Core 

Delve into the opulence of Regency-era fashion with this exquisite Bridgerton-inspired nail set by @nailuxebgy.


2. Dried Flowers 

Channel the delicate elegance of a Bridgerton garden party with these floral nails by @allwaspolished_pro. The understated design featuring dried flowers captures the essence of the Regency era's refined beauty.


3. Rose Tips 

Grace any ballroom with the elegant "Bridgerton Rose Tips" nail design by @ohlushnails. These nails blend classical beauty with contemporary style, featuring soft, milky bases adorned with delicate pink roses


4. Light Marble  

Embrace the ethereal beauty of the Regency era with the "Whispering Ice" nails from @steffthenaildesigner. This light marble design, mimicking the delicate swirls of a frosted winter ball at Bridgerton, blends icy blues and whites for a look that’s both serene and sophisticated.


5. Daisy Chains 

Step into the bridgeton garden with this daisy chain chrome set by @__get_nailed__ each nail evokes a feeling of springtime in the regency period. 


6.  Regency Blue Tips

Explore the refined elegance of Bridgerton with the captivating "Regency Blue" nails from @deadlydaggers.nailstudio. Showcasing a soft blue hue paired with subtle floral prints and marbled detailing, these nails are perfect for anyone seeking a touch of Regency-era grace.




We've explored a collection of nail designs inspired by the elegance and opulence of the Bridgerton series. From the delicate florals of "Daisy Chain Delicacy" to the sophisticated marbling of "Regency Blue Elegance," each design encapsulates the essence of the Regency era with a modern twist.

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