Country & Western Nail art inspiration & trends

Grab your cowboy boots and saddle up because Country and western culture is grabbing the spotlight right now—whether you're a Dolly Parton enthusiast or grooving to Beyoncé's latest album, this beloved trend is influencing more than just music. It's sweeping through fashion and nail art, giving them a distinctly country makeover. From rustic textures to vibrant motifs inspired by classic western aesthetics, the style is making a bold statement. Get ready to explore how country charm is being infused into nail art trends, giving everyone a chance to add a touch of the wild west to their look.

1. Desert Cactus 

Dive into the spirit of the wild west with this enchanting "Desert Cactus" nail set by @indiglow_beautystudio. This design perfectly captures the essence of country and western aesthetics, blending rustic charm with a dash of sparkle.

2. Neon Rodeo 

This eye-catching design by @millieclutterbuck_nailartistcombines the punchy vibrancy of neon colours with playful cherry motifs and iconic cow prints, setting a bold and cheerful tone that's hard to miss. 

Detail Paints: Caesars, Leaf Green, Buttercup, White & Black
SuperShine Top Coat

3.  Western Motifs   

This incredible set by @Sillygoose.nails perfectly encapsulates the Western trend with iconic motifs that bring the spirit of the Wild West right to your fingertips. Each nail is a canvas showcasing Western symbols—the classic cowboy hat, a trusty pair of boots, a cactus standing tall, a shimmering horseshoe, and the unmistakable cow print.

Using @homeofnailart
Milkshake PureBuild
Detail paints
Gel colours

4. Cow Print 

Check out this eye-catching cow print nail set from @nailsbybeckie22 is a  fresh take on classic Western themes, perfect for anyone looking to add a playful yet stylish twist to their look.

5. YeeHaw 

Get rodeo-ready with this chic nail set from @abigailkate__beauty. This clean yet fun set creates a Western style with a polished, modern twist. Perfect for those who love a minimalist aesthetic with a distinctive touch.

6. Glitter Cow Print 

Who doesn't love glitter and cow print? This beautiful set @ar_beautybox combines the both in a glitz rodeo themed set perfect for all occasions.

Pure Foundation- Bliss
Pure Bond
Detail paints
Super shine top

7. Disco Cowboy 

Add a fun disco twist to your western nails with this set by @jen_z_naiz Creating a fun and playful rodeo look.   


No matter if you're a true country fan or just loving the trend our inspiration guide has all you need to find your perfect rodeo themed nail art this summer. 

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