This is a post regarding our approved lamps. We have taken the decision to take the SunUV SUN3 lamp from our approved list. We know this is probably not going to be a popular decision but it is for the best.

Firstly to meet our criteria for an approved lamp The HONA Gel system needs to fully cure in 1 cycle (60 seconds) and the nanometer/power of the lamp needs to be in a certain range. 

While a fully working Sun3 meets both these requirements. The reason for no longer approving it is firstly because we ask you to cap the free edge with the HONA system. The SUN3’s design means getting a complete cure on the free edge of the nail is not straight forward. 

It has no reflective/mirrored inside meaning the UV/LED light cannot easily reach the free edge and underneath without you having to guide clients to lift fingers or turn fingers upside down. If the free edge is not completely cured it may lead to gel receding.

Secondly the SUN3 lamp is proving to be very inconsistent with its power output and it does not last long. We can in good conscious recommend a lamp that is inconsistent.

We feel an approved and effective lamp should not need any coaching or second curing just like every other lamp on our approved list.

If you own a SUN3 lamp do not panic. Like we mentioned it does cure the HONA gel system with a little extra coaching/instructions - tell your clients to lift the fingers or complete a second cure with the fingers inverted it will cure the free edge just fine and overcome the reason why we needed to remove it from our approved list.

We recommend you use a Cosmex manufactured lamp from the list.

Hopefully you agree with this decision but if you need further clarification please email us - where we can help further.


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