My Nail Designs by Celina Ryden

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My Nail Designs – A book where you can explore your creativity and gather all your nail designs in one place including tips and tricks on nail art!

“When I sit at the salon with clients, I have a note book with loads and loads of unreadable scribbles of designs that I’ve made. It’s messy and I would never be able to find a specific design or understand what products and techniques I’ve used. In this design book I start off by sharing my best tips and tricks on how to find inspiration, talking about tools, how to charge for nail art and other pages that will help you and spark your creativity and finding your personal style. The rest of the book is filled with shapes of nails and lines to fill in the date, the client’s name, products used, inspiration, etc. This way when a client walks in with an old nail image you posted a decade ago, you can easily find it in your book and recreate it.

Use it on your own to prepare sets for your clients to choose from, or use it together with your client on the spot. Keep it in the waiting area for your clients to look through or keep it as your secret nail art bible and your creative safe space.”


My Nail Designs was created together with My Planner and the Celina Rydén Nail Cards!


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