No More Slip Layer - Revolutionising Nail Care with HEMA-Free Builder Gel

In our pursuit of perfection within the world of Builder Gel, the need for safer and more innovative products is a constant driving force. It's this need that has given birth to the HEMA-free builder gel, a revolutionary product that is quickly becoming a go-to for many technicians. This product is not only less allergenic, making it more inclusive for all clients including those with HEMA allergies, but it also has a unique characteristic that makes it stand out...

The HEMA-free builder gel, such as PureBuild, is defined by its lower viscosity, which remarkably eliminates the need for a 'slip' layer during application.

To fully appreciate this feature, one needs to understand viscosity. It refers to a fluid's resistance to flow, and in the case of traditional high-viscosity gels, a slip layer is needed to guide the product evenly across the nail surface. This ensures optimal adhesion and a seamless finish. With our HEMA-free builder gel, you can skip this step without compromising on results. This is due to its lower viscosity, allowing it to flow naturally and adhere effortlessly to the nail surface, thus eliminating the need for a slip layer. This makes the application process more straightforward and user-friendly.

When it comes to application, common builder gels with a slip layer can result in issues such as over-application or flooding. This is because the uncured gel can often run-off around the sidewalls and cuticle area, resulting in a messy application and subpar results.

However, the HEMA-free builder gel ensures a precise, clean, and controlled application without a slip layer. This contributes to a flawlessly enhanced set of nails, providing a smooth, even application and a polished finish, making it a win-win for both nail technicians and clients.

In summary, the advent of the HEMA-free builder gel marks a significant advancement in builder gel technology. With its unique lower viscosity formulation that does away with the need for a slip layer, this product has undeniably altered the application process. This type of builder gel is becoming the standard, and by embracing this evolution, nail techs can deliver high-quality, beautiful manicures in a safer and more efficient way.