September 2023 Nail Colour Trends And Ideas

In the mood to switch your nails up? We are too. Though the summer might be all about vibrant and fun hues (just think Wild Side, Club Tropicana and Juicy Gels) as soon as the leaves start to change and there’s a chill in the air, our go-to orange shades turn darker, our reds become moodier and our everyday neutrals get all the more earthier. But, don’t let that fool you - this doesn’t mean that autumn nail trends are boring. 

Along with all of the autumn classics, this year there’s plenty of new nail trends to get excited for. Whether you want a timeless look that will carry you through the chillier months with understated versatility, or you’d prefer a nail look that’s going to be a little more of-the-moment, this post contains all of the best nail trends this September that will leaf you feeling autumnal in no time at all. Read on! 

Trend 1: Latte Nails

Latte Nail Art Trend

Introducing Latte Nails! If you’re in the mood to inject your everyday mani with the same energy as your daily cup of coffee - then you’re going to want to give this look a try this September. Much like the coffee-influenced makeup look, Latte Nails are all about milky, warm and bronzed tones. They’ve been a mainstay nail look during autumn for years, but are currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity all thanks to social media. 

Want to try Latte Nails out? We’ve got you covered. Start with a nude base like our Latte (Photo 1), before then moving onto the coffee-coloured details. Seville’s rich warm hues will create a sophisticated and cosy feel, while Mahogany's deep cocoa tones will emulate an espresso perfectly (Photo 2). Pair these shades with subtle Mink for a milky infusion that will look just as inviting as your favourite cup of creamy coffee. 

Trend 2: Wine Nails

Wine Nails Trend

Nail looks inspired by red wine have been around for some time, and they’re only set to make a comeback this September. Besides being rich and jammy, red wine-inspired nails are also totally sophisticated. So, if you want to make a subtle but bold statement this September - the Wine Nail trend has your name written all over it.  

Besides being completely of-the-moment, wine nails are also completely timeless.Take a neutral shade like PureBuild™ Barely There and use it as a base. Once you’ve done that, opt for an of-the-season detail paint - Vino (Photo 1) is perfect for this trend to create dark rouge patterns inspired by the ever-popular drink. Alternatively, reach for shades like Affirmation (Photo 2) for a full coverage, classy finish.

Trend 3: Tortie Nails

Tortie Nail TrendA classy classic, if you thought that the world was done with the ‘Tortie mani’…think again! Just like last year and the year before (and the year before that one, too) Tortie Nails have been a firm favourite Autumn staple - and for good reason, too. 

Here at HONA, we’re big fans of tortoiseshell nails. So much so, we’ve got our own Tortie Detail Paint  (Photo 1) that will allow you to create a set of full-coverage tortoiseshell nails with just a few swipes of the brush. Convenient or what? Along with that, we’ve also got a variety of different nail foils that will make creating tortie nails a breeze, including original Tortie (Photo 2), Dessert Camo, Yellow Tortie and Blonde Tortie. 

If you feel like doing them freehand, though, tortoiseshell nails are achieved by taking a nude base colour (our PureBuild™ Bliss and PureBuild™ Angel are ideal picks) and then applying an eye-catching tortoiseshell pattern over the top. If you want to jump on the trend this September and need some helping picking the right shades, options like Mahogany, Seville and Mink will be the perfect tortie trio for your nails. Better yet, this look is super wearable and can be taken from desk to dance floor.

Trend 4: Moody Tones

Colour CombosIn the mood to get moody, anyone? As the weather turns a little colder and we find ourselves reaching for our cosy jumpers, you can expect for things to get a little moodier. At least, as far as manicures are concerned! This September, expect deep, rich and brooding nail shades to take centerstage.

Darker tones always seem to come into season around Autumn time, and that’s exactly what moody nails are all about. Blushing pinks and sunset oranges might rule the summer, but we think it’s safe to say that deeper shades take first place come Autumn. That being said, we’re expecting shades like Magenta, After Dark, and Forest to be in everyone’s gel collection this season. 

Though you can use these detail paints to create a full coverage look, we recommend pairing with a base first if you want to add patterns to your manicure. To make all of your  moody swirls, fine lines and intricate details pop, contrasting base shades like PureBuild™ Cashew or PureBuild™ Dunes will help you achieve the best results, and are great options to consider for this trend.  

Trend 5: Coloured Micro-French Nails

Micro French Nail TrendWho doesn’t love French tip nails? While we all can agree that classic French tip nails are great for dressing up or down (and perfect for seamlessly transitioning from the summer months to the colder ones), coloured micro-French nails are set to be all the rage this September. 

After just one scroll of Instagram, you might think that a French manicure consists of the classic white tip - but don’t be fooled. There’s plenty of different ways that you can elevate the traditional style, and coloured micro-French nails is one of the easiest ways to do it. 

So, what are coloured micro-French nails, exactly? Well, instead of the classic thick tip, this manicure features a delicate line along the edge of the nail in a variety of different colours. The result? An understated appearance that’s subtle, perfect for everyday wear and oh so chic. 

To recreate this look for yourself this Autumn, start with your chosen base to create the perfect neutral foundation for everyday wear. Not sure which base polish to use? No problem. PureBuild™ shades like Bubble and Milkshake are the ideal base for French manicures. As for the fun part? Take shades like Navy, Sugar Plum or Green Velvet on the tips to seal your Micro-French nails with a positively autumnal feel. 

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