A Q&A With HONA Education

In our latest Business Mastery session, we were thrilled to have our Co-founder Charlotte and Head of Education Gaia join us for an evening with HONA education. This session offered a fantastic opportunity for both newcomers and seasoned HONA enthusiasts to engage directly with our experts, ask questions, and gain valuable insights, The evening was packed with learning opportunities for everyone at all levels! We are now excited to break down all the questions and answers for you to take away.

Let's Jump in! 

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Q: Can I use coloured Pure Foundation for Swift Tips Instead of Clear ?

A: Yes, This can be really affective on both long or short tips especially when creating an ombre or french tip. It can also be great for clients with shorter nail beds to create the illusion of a longer nail. 

Q: How can I prevent getting lifting at the free edge? 

A: Prep and capping the free edge is so important for obtaining long lasting picture perfect sets! We always recommend to remove any oils from the nail with acetone before etching the nail with a 150 grit file, following the HONA guide to prep.

Q: Can you use Pure Foundation and add a layer of PureBuild? 

A: We would always advise to keep products with products, Using the system how they were designed to be used! For example pure foundation doesn't require a base coat while PureBuild does.  

Q: What nail length is best suited to PureFoundation? 

A: Theres not a one size fits all answer to this question as each client is different! HONA recommends a prescriptive manicure approach, This mens that hen you are having a consolation with your client your "diagnosing" them for example "have they got flexible nails? Are they brittle? Are they bendy? Are they dry, or they oily" this will then allow you to select which products and services are best suited to your client as an individual.   

Q: How to prevent products leaking into the side walls and cuticle?  

A: Using less product and using gravity as your best friend is the advised approach! Charlotte recommends to work steady, but quickly allowing gravity to do the work for you! 

Gaia also recommends to not do a slip layer, With the HONA system no slip layer is required we instead recommend "paper layer" which is a thin cured layer as apposed to a "slip layer" which is left uncured and can cause further flooding. 

Q: Whats the difference between PureFoundation and PureBuild? 

A: HONA’s PureFoundation is a different product/formula when compared to PureBuild. PureFoundation is our groundbreaking universal gel that is a hybrid of a rubber base and a PureBuild, its key ingredient bonds with the Keratin in the nails. This product has a super flexible formula meaning it moves with the nail to prevent chipping and lifting. PureFoundation doesn’t require a base coat and can be used as a strengthening overlay, a builder gel and can also be used to apply full cover tips such as our SwiftTips! PureBuild is our builder gel, which is designed to help support the growth of natural nails, add thickness to thin nails and enhance overall nail strength. You would use your PureBuild to build an apex on the nail and add structural support. PureBuild does have a built in primer, but we always recommend a base - either CompleteBase for general adhesion or RubberBase for extra strength and flexibility. Don’t forget your PureBond, our multi-purpose bonder which can be used at any time throughout an appointment for extra adhesion! 

Q: Would you consider releasing Pure Foundation in a red? 

A: Stronger colour pigments are a lot harder to cure as the light has to penetrate for longer to cure the product the whole way through which can cause heat spikes. HONA always prioritise safety and cure thickness is very much looked into before any colours are selected, therefore we wouldn't be likely to release an opaque red. 

Q: Is it wise to infill after 3 weeks? 

A: Three weeks would around the perfect timing, We would recommend a full removal every 2-3 appointments or if they go longer than 3 week as it would cause the apex to be unbalanced. 

Q: What is a heat spike? 

A: A Heat Spike is a chemical reaction and the polymerisation of the products under the UV LED lights, The strength of a heat spike can depends of the clients nail health and the thickness/ pigment of the product.  

Q: How do you use a clean up brush?  

A: We recommend putting a small amount of acetone on the brush before dragging it through clear gel and shaping it ready to use. 


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