Using hashtags for your nail salon

Do you use #hashtags on social media to promote your nail salon? Are you squeezing every last drop of reach from them, or do you just randomly pop a handful in for good measure? In this post HONA will look at how to use hashtags strategically to market your nail salon on Instagram and Facebook. 

Here is a list of what we will cover...

  • The best number of hashtags per post
  • Top hashtags for beauty, aesthetic & hair businesses
  • Getting the best from your brand hashtag
  • Hashtag mistakes to avoid
  • Using hashtags to find more followers
  • Build your local business profile with hashtags
  • Are your hashtags working?

When used well hashtags will give you better targeted posts that are more likely to achieve your specific goal those goals could be to attract new clients, upsell products you stock or simply to let your existing learn about new treatments.

Hashtags were literally created to help users find relevant posts - so when you hear people say hashtags don't work. Just ask yourself why on earth would they be there in the first place.


1. What’s the best number of hashtags for Facebook and Instagram?

Facebook hashtags

Overusing hashtags on Facebook is irritating for followers, and won’t improve your reach or engagement. On the contrary, too many hashtags makes people switch off to your brand and reach for the ‘Unlike’ button. Surprisingly research  (TrackMaven) confirms Facebook posts with just 1 hashtag perform best.

Posts with more than 1 hashtag see a steady decline in average interactions per post, and engagement really drops for posts with more than 6 hashtags.

Instagram hashtags

Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post, and if you try to add more it won’t let you post.

A study by TrackMaven revealed posts with 9 hashtags perform best.

Always choose relevant hashtags for your Instagram posts because if a user follows a hashtag and sees a post they don’t think is relevant to that hashtag they can click the ‘Don’t Show for This Hashtag’ option.

If too many of your posts are flagged because of irrelevant or overused hashtags, Instagram can reduce, or even stop, your content being seen in searches.

To avoid this, and help your posts being seen by more users, always choose relevant hashtags that your target audience will relate to.

FAQ - Can I use the same hashtags for every Instagram post for speed and ease?

It may seem a quick, easy way to market your salon or clinic but don’t post the same long list of hashtags on every post. Instagram’s own guidelines are clear: ‘do not post repetitive comments or content’.

2. Which hashtags are best for beauty and nail businesses?

Firstly there are no right or wrong hashtags – feel free to dream up your own like we did #HONAsquad. That said, keep a close eye on which hashtags on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are being used by:

  • your local competitors
  • your followers
  • well-respected national beauty and hair businesses
  • Industry influencers such as Scratch Magazine and Navy Pro Tools for example

and adopt the ones which appear to be most effective and popular.

FAQ - What's the best length for hashtags?

Marketing research on Facebook shows hashtags that are 6 characters long perform best. Hashtags that are 10 to 17 characters long also perform well on Facebook, but engagement starts to decrease for longer hashtags. 

When choosing hashtags always ensure they are relevant and easily understood by your clients and followers. Keep them clear and easy to read by not stringing too many words together:

#hotspringnailstyles is almost unreadable.

#hotnailstyles is better.

#HotNails is best.

Are your hashtags easy to read?

And don’t be afraid to use uppercase/capitals. It makes longer hashtags so much easier to read. Who remembers the hilarious Susan Boyle hashtag that went viral - susanalbumparty - Read it slowly capitals would have really helped here.

Compare #honahelps with #HonaHelps.

If you search for either version Facebook and Instagram will return the same results, so always opt for legibility.

Talking of which, avoid #breaking up #sentences with #hashtags in your #posts.

Wherever possible, pop them at the end of the sentence. It’s so much easier to read. 


3. Create a brand hashtag

Create a hashtag for your business brand and use it consistently. It could be your salon name, your tagline, or a unique feature of your business.

For example, we've used #HONAsquad #HonaHelps and #HONA from day one and they are instantly recognisable.

By using these hashtags consistently across our social media we build brand recognition and awareness of our shop and our blog.

You can do the same with your beauty or nail business. Just keep your hashtag short and punchy by following the earlier tips.

Once you’ve developed your brand hashtag then use it to connect with local businesses, influencers and most importantly get your clients to follow that hashtag. Look out for it being used by clients and friendly businesses so you can follow and then join in the conversation.


4. Avoid these hashtag mistakes

If you see a hashtag being used on social media do check it out before diving in. It’s a tad embarrassing if it’s something you don’t want to be linked with, or is very specifically promoting a local competitor’s USP.

A salon marketing oops!

And always check carefully when you combine two or three words together to ensure it doesn’t spell something else #susanalbumparty.

5. Avoid these hashtags

No matter how popular they are, avoid hashtags that shamelessly ask for likes and followers: #followme, #like4like, #follow4follow, #tagsforlikes.

Not only do these attract bots and spammers they also make your brand look spammy to genuine followers and may put off your target audience.


6. Boost your local brand profile with hashtags

If you’re promoting a new treatment or service, hosting an in-house event or running a social contest create a catchy hashtag for that marketing campaign. Now encourage people to use it on their social media channels. A strong hashtag will help spread the word, boost likes and increase your organic (unpaid) audience.

If you’re salon or clinic is supporting a national cause like #PinkOctober or a national day like #WorldVeganDay then use the relevant hashtag to help spread awareness.


7. Are your hashtags working?

Finally, don’t forget to check your Social Media Insights and Instagram Insights to measure the response you’re getting. 

Content Credit - Lockhart Meyer was used as a resource to help create this page -For more information please check them out.